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Admedus is developing a range of therapeutic vaccines through investing in the Research & Development of immunotherapies based on Professor Frazer’s novel technology.

Our next generation DNA vaccine technology builds on the novel scientific information discovered, published and patented from Professor Ian Frazer’s work that led to the development of Gardasil® – the first prophylactic cervical cancer vaccine.

Our scientific team is developing a suite of DNA vaccines that combat infectious diseases and cancers such as Herpes Simplex Virus and Human Papillomavirus.

DNA vaccines differ to traditional vaccines as they are comprised of small amounts of bacterial or viral DNA that has been genetically engineered to produce one or two specific antigens from a particular pathogen. When DNA vaccines are injected into the body the host cells “read” the DNA and use it to stimulate a range of immune responses. Our technology is particularly effective in stimulating cellular immune responses that have an enhanced ability to destroy infected or cancerous cells. Traditional vaccines differ from DNA vaccines as they stimulate immunity by injecting a part of the virus (either live, weakened or killed forms) for the immune system to fight off thus creating immunity to future exposure. The type of immune response typically generated in this way is more suited to protection from infection rather than treatment if the patient is already infected.

The unique delivery mechanism of our vaccine ensures that there is a stronger and more effective immune response creating both a therapeutic (treat) and prophylactic (prevent) effect.

Admedus is focused on commercialising a new era of therapeutic vaccines. For the latest updates on our Herpes Interim Phase I results please click here