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Admedus is developing and commercialising Professor Ian Frazer’s next generation vaccine technology.

Our next generation DNA vaccine technology builds on scientific information discovered, published and patented during Professor Ian Frazer’s work leading to the development of the first vaccine to prevent HPV infection, a vaccine commercialised by Merck and known as Gardasil®.

Our next generation in vaccine technology is primarily aimed at producing a vaccine that will treat infections, rather than only being able to prevent them. The new vaccines will also have a prophylactic (preventative) effect but the main benefit of this new technology is for the treatment of infectious diseases and some cancers that are known to be triggered by certain viruses.

Our technology provides an optimised mechanism to present vaccine antigens to the immune system to generate a T-cell response (cellular) and antibody response (humoral) to generate immunity.

The lead programs in the Admedus therapeutic vaccine portfolio are for the treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus infections, a program currently in clinical studies in Australia, and also to treat HPV infections, a program in preclinical studies.

The technology is also applicable for the treatment of other chronic infections and cancers where appropriate antigens can be identified. The treatment of these infections will significantly help patients and represent significant market opportunities for Admedus.