CardioCel® is the first in a potential portfolio of tissue products being developed by Admedus using its proprietary ADAPT® tissue engineering process.

CardioCel®  is a single-ply, bio-scaffold material that remains functional, durable and free from calcification. The bio-scaffold  is used to repair congenital heart deformities and more complex heart defects, it is also used to reconstruct dysfunctional heart valves and valve leaflets.

Admedus hopes that in the future, CardioCel® may also be used for the manufacture of replacement tissue heart valves.

Benefits of use

CardioCel - TheatreCardioCel® is not only durable, but its natural flexibility and elasticity makes it easier to handle and use. Due to its tensile strength it is suitable for use in pressured environments like valves. CardioCel® also actively facilitates host tissue regeneration post-implantation.

Long-term clinical studies using CardioCel® have shown no (or minimal) calcification seven years post-implantation, with strong ingrowth of normal heart tissue around the scaffold and blood-flow through and around the implant.

CardioCel® is available at leading heart centres around the world and has the potential for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

How it works