Nasal Spray PCA

NASAL PCA Activated nasal spray for the administration of drugs

Medical Supplies Australia - Nasal PCAThe Nasal Spray (PCA) device is a hand activated nasal spray for the administration of drugs to the nasal mucosa. The device comes in two main variants, a Nasal Spray – No lockout (NS-NL) (Not for use with Opiate based analgesia) and a Nasal Spray – Lockout (NS-L) (for use with drugs with a risk of overdose e.g. opiate based analgesia). The lockout variants come in 2min, 3min and 4 min lockouts.

For the administration of suitable lipophilic drugs with a viscosity of around 1.0 mPa.s, via the nasal mucosa in the form of an atomized spray.

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