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O’Neil Urinary Catheter – Sterile and easy to use

The O’Neil Sterile Field Intermittent Urinary Catheter (ONS) is a single use disposable device used to catheterise the patient without the need for an extensive sterile field. The catheter has been designed with an introducer tip, which is able to bypass the majority of organisms that exist at the opening of the urethra and therefore greatly reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) due to catheterisation.

The ONS has a silicon tip which is inserted into the urethra. The pre-lubricated nelaton catheter is then able to pass through the tip, thus bypassing the organisms that exist at the opening of the urethra. The nelaton catheter is sealed in a polyethylene drainage bag to collect the urine thus providing a closed collection system. Volume markings exist on the drainage bag as a guide to the amount of urine collected. The entire device is packaged individually and sold as a sterile single use device.

The device is intended to be used in the hospital or home environment by either medical staff or self-administration.

For patients with:

A completely closed system to protect the catheter from contamination by the operator. It also bypasses organisms in the first 1.5cm of the distal urethra – the source of most pathogens causing nosocomial UTI’s. The set comes complete with drainage bag. Intermittent-sterile field bag doubles as a urine collection bag. Indwelling catheter is available without drainage bag enabling the user to chose a drainage bag.

Key features:

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ONSM 08 8FG Gamma Sterilised
ONSM 10 10FG Gamma Sterilised
ONSM 12 12FG Gamma Sterilised
ONSM 14 14FG Gamma Sterilised
ONSM 16 16FG Gamma Sterilised
ONSM 18 18FG Gamma Sterilised

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