DOSI-FUSER® Portable Elastomeric Pump

DOSI-FUSER® is an easy-to-fill pump with a polyisoprene balloon, which provides gradual infusion through its guided shaft. The level indicator moves along a printed scale for easy viewing of the level. DOSI-FUSER® is a single-use, continuous-infusion system for ambulatory patients that works without batteries or electricity. It consists of an elastomeric balloon inside a rigid, transparent container and an infusion line with the Capillary Element and a Luer-Lock connector. DOSI-FUSER® is designed for safe ambulatory infusion therapy; it promotes patient recovery and improves quality of life by increasing patient mobility. Easy to use. Non-electronic device – no batteries or power source required. Constant flow without adjustment thanks to our patented capillary. Rigid plastic housing, UV-light protected with Scale Indicator to control the delivery progression of the infusion. Latex-free, DEHP-free product. Full product range with easy identification by coloured labels: 65, 100, 150 and 250 ml.

To enquire about medical product demonstrations and learn more about the DOSI-FUSER®, call us on 1300 550 310 or send us an email.

25915-065D5 65ml bolus in 5 days
25915-100D5 100ml bolus in 5 days
25915-150D5 150ml bolus in 5 days
25915-250D5 250ml bolus in 5 days
25915-250D5X2 250ml x 2 bolus in 3 days
25915-065D3 65ml bolus in 3 days
25915-100D3 100ml bolus in 3 days
25915-150D3 150ml bolus in 3 days
25915-250D3 250ml bolus in 3 days
25915-250D3X2 250ml x 2 bolus in 3 days
25915-065D2 65ml bolus in 2 days
25915-100D2 100ml bolus in 2 days
25915-150D2 150ml bolus in 2 days
25915-250D2 250ml bolus in 2 days
25915-250D2X2 250ml x 2 bolus in 2 days
25915-065D1 65ml bolus in 1 day
25915-100D1 100ml bolus in 1 day
25915-150D1 150ml bolus in 1 day
25915-250D1 250ml bolus in 1 day
25915-250D2X2 250ml x 2 bolus in 1 day

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DOSI-PAIN® is a wound catheter for postoperative continuous infusion that fits perfectly onto our DOSI-FUSER® portable elastomeric pump. Anaesthetics and analgesics are infused through a multi-orifice catheter using the Continuous Wound Infusion Technique directly into the surgical site for optimised postoperative pain relief. DOSI-PAIN® KIT includes:

Catheter fenestrations available – 25mm, 80mm, 160mm, 240mm or 300mm.

To enquire about product demonstrations and learn more about the DOSI-PAIN®, call us on 1300 550 310 or send us an email.

FENESTRATED LENGTH MM 25 80 160 240 300
100D2 2.0ml/hr L25915-100D2-3F025 L25915-100D2-3F080 L25915-100D2-3F160
100D3 1.4ml/hr L25915-100D3-3F025
250D2 5.2ml/hr L25915-250D2-3F025 L25915-250D2-3F080 L25915-250D2-3F160 L25915-250D2-3F300
250D2X2 2.6+2.6ml/hr L25915-250D2X2-080 L25915-250D2X2-160 L25915-250D2X2-300
250D3X2 1.74+1.74ml/hr L25915-250D3X2-080 L25915-250D3X2-160 L25915-250D3X2-240
250D5 2.1ml/hr L25915-250D5-3F080 L25915-250D5-3F160