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ADAPT® Tissue Engineering Process

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Tissue bio-implants developed using the ADAPT® tissue engineering process more closely mimic the characteristics of normal human tissue. This promotes a more tolerant immune response with improved tissue ingrowth. Tissue exposed to the ADAPT® process has been shown to have significantly improved functionality and longer term durability of the resulting bio-implant. With the potential for a product lifespan free from calcification, clinicians can potentially intervene across a broader age spectrum and provide their patients with a solution for life.

CardioCel®, a cardiovascular scaffold, is the first of a suite of implantable tissues generated by ADAPT® that offer medical professionals a potential improvement over the products they currently use.

Surgeons at medical centres throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia are using CardioCel® to treat heart defects. Click here for more information on the science behind ADAPT®.

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